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Hi my WordPress family…

Its been 7 years on here and Now that I pay close attention to my site …I really feel all the love and beautiful energy from everyone. And it feels great to know that people find my stuff of interest and that makes me bubble inside. I have some much great information and love to keep sharing with you all. And may I please…ask of you just one lil thing…A small donation of any would help keep me in place to provide you all with my best.

I lost my dearest Mother on February 14 @ 2:20 a.m. and it hurts but yet she’s free…that was a year that I want forget at all. And it was a teaching year too. With all that being said…my get away and release was WordPress and the feeling that I got when someone said something nice back to me and I felt the energy of love again…But in a different way. Thanks for the help that you all gave me.

One Big Love to all…May everyone have the greatest year ever. World Love and Universal Peace

Cashapp me@ Sunrah3247

PayPal @

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